About Kuantan 188 Tower

Kuantan 188 is the tallest iconic tower on the East Coast and the second tallest in Malaysia. It is part of the Kuantan Waterfront project which is located in the Laman Teruntum compound where it allows visitors to enjoy the overall view of Kuantan City from 92.0 meters to 104.0 meters as well as panoramic views of the Kuantan River.

Location of the tower is very strategic as there are many other interesting spots within walking distance such as the Kuantan Art Street, Taman Kerang, a row of old shops in Jalan Besar and Kuantan Waterfront that allows visitors to take pictures with the giant sign ‘KUANTAN ‘, which is white during the day before changing its colour at night.

Tower History

Kuantan 188 was completed on 3 September 2019. The upright design concept of Kuantan 188 and its tapered profile refers to the structure of old Malay weapons, namely the spear and spear blade tip, as found on the Pahang Darul Makmur State Coat of Arms while the Anjung Menara design is based on the leaves and flowers of the Teruntum Putih tree. Kuantan 188, which stands proud on the banks of Kuantan River here, is not only the latest iconic landmark of Pahang’s first city, but also sets the night and weekend moods of Kuantan, the capital city of Pahang situated on the East Coast of Malaysia.

Since the first day of its official opening on Feb 21, 2021 the tower, designed with a tapered profile to symbolise the old Malay weapon of the spear and the tip of the spear like in the coat of arms of Pahang has been receiving visitors non-stop who want to check out the second tallest lookout tower in Malaysia and also the tallest tower in the East Coast Economic Region (ECER). Kuantan 188 offers magnificent view of South China Sea, biosphere mangrove, Kuantan River, Kuantan city and fisherman’s activity centre.

While viewers will be impressed by the majestic tower during the day, at night the tower formerly known as Menara Teruntum, illuminates with coloured lights and shines over Kuantan Waterfront. Visitors taking the East and West glass elevators are treated to magnificent views of Kuantan city until they reach the tower porch, which was built inspired by the leaves and flowers of the Teruntum plant (lumnitzera racemosa), once said to be abundant on the banks of Kuantan River.

  • HEIGHT FROM BASE TO TOPS OF ANTENNAS (FEET & METERS) - 616 feet / 188 meters
  • HEIGHT OF SKY DECK (FEET & METERS) - 321 feet / 104 meters
  • HEIGHT OF RESTAURANT DECK (FEET & METERS) - 321 feet / 98 meters
  • HEIGHT OF OBSERVATION DECK (FEET & METERS) - 301 feet / 92 meters
  • ARCHITECT(S) - Neoformation Architects Sdn Bhd
  • ENGINEERS - Pembinaan Purcon Sdn Bhd
  • INAUGURATION DATE - 21st February 2021
  • TOTAL CONSTRUCTION COST (IN USD) - US$10 Million (US Dollars Ten Million Only)
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